Immersive Authoring for Tangible Augmented Reality Applications

This page is about a Tangible AR authoring tool that builds AR applications within the AR environment.
Click here to watch a demo.

We've won the First prize out of about 30 competitors at the SIGGRAPH2004 Real-Time 3DX: Demo or Die contest!

Figure 1. Browsing through the 3D model files and selecting one to create.

Figure 2. Picking a virtual object and droping it on another physical object or on the trash can to destroy it.

Figure 3. Browsing the property values of a virtual object using the inspector pad prop.

Figure 4. Changing the selected property (the scaling factor of the virtual box) value with the key pad prop.

Figure 5. Connecting and disconnecting the visibility property values of the virtual fish and the real paddle.

Figure 6. A virtual windmill: the rotation property of the vane is connected to a motor-behavior logic box (multi-colored box on the right).

Figure 7. A rabbit and a turltle greets to each other when they are brought close enough. The behavior is authored by connecting virtual object properties with a distance checking logic box