iQTVR is a QuickTime VR viewer for immersive environments. You can view QuickTime VR files on your headtracked head-mounted displays.
 - Shows QuickTime VR and QuickTime movie files in full screen mode.
 - Head tracking with Polhemus Fastrak or Ultratrak Pro.
 - View scrolling while headtracking.
System Requirements  
 - Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP
 - QuickTIme 6
 - Sample QuickTime VR files
 - Head mounted displays for immersive view.
 - Fastrak or Ultratrak Pro for head tracking.
Copyright Terms  
 By using this software you are agreeing with the following terms:
  - Unless for commercial or immoral purposes, you can freely distribute and use this software.
  - The author has no responsibility for any problems occuring due to using this software.
 - Executable (Win32) :
 - Source Code (Visual C++) : mail me
 - Programmed by Gun A. Lee, VR Lab, Dept. of CSE, POSTECH.
 - QuickTime and QuickTime VR are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.
 - Fastark, Ultratrak are trademarks of Polhemus.
Contact Points  
 - iQTVR homepage:
 - Bug reports & suggestions:
 - Authors homepage:
2003.4.29 First public release.