V/X(read 'V over X') is a simple C++ library for virtual reality system development. As it's name represents, it consists of two parts: X and V. X is a low level library that supports manipulating vectors and matrices, drawing 3D models and handling vr devices. V is a high level library, working over X, supports manipulating virtual worlds and virtual objects.
 - Component oriented Virtual Reality Framework
 Gun A. Lee (endovert@postech.ac.kr), VR Lab, Dept. of CSE, POSTECH.
Revision History  
2003.5.22 Hierarchical bounding box calculation.
2003.5.22 Reading jpegs.
2003.5.19 Reading vrml1.0
2003.4.9 Enhanced XTracker(ultratrack) data packet header processing.
2002.7 '.obj' file loading speed bump & path correction for '.mtl' files.
2001.12 Loading textures from '.mtl' file.
2001.11.20 X3DObject branches X3DHObject out.
2001.11 V classes were introduced.
2001.11 XFastrak(Polhemus Fastrak interface) was introduced.
2001.11 XTracker(Polhemus Ultratrak interface) was adopted.
2001.8.3 ellipsoid deformator was introduced.
2001.8.1 Key frame animation class XKFA was introduced.
2001.7.29 Articulated deformable model was introduced.
2001.7.26 XBVH Initial pose conversion feature added.
2001.7.24 X3DDeformator was introduced, xmath performace enhanced by expanding loops & utilizing glMultmatrix.
2001.7.23 X3DMarionette using group information from a single 3d model file.
2001.7.22 Group support on reading models.
2001.7.19 X3DInstance was introduced.
2001.7.18 X3DMarionette branched X3DSkeleton out.
2001.7.17 Reading polygon based models(triangle based formerly). Reading texture coordinates from .obj files.
2001.7.11 XViewport was introduced.
2001.7.5 Positional light drawing refinement. Attatch/detatch functions were introduced.
2001.7.1 Directional/positional lights were introduced.
2001.6.26 Marionette was introduced. XBVH introduced.
2001.6.28 X3DCamera was introduced.
2001.6.22 Object hierarchy was introduced, for supporting simple scene graph structures.
2001.5 Midi control and mid file loading features.
2001.4 XTexture was introduced. Loading xbj from resource. xmath c++rized.
2000.10.12 X classes initiated in C.
2000.5 xmath in C.
Application History  
2002.10- Virtual keyboard: a 3D virtual keyboard usability testing environment.
2002.8-2002.12 Magic screen: a cube shaped screen for manipulating image base rendered 3D objects.
2002.3-2002.8 HOPE: a modeling and evaulation system for mobile phone design.
2001.10-2001.12 PiP: a virtual environment for modeling virtual object behaviors.
2001.9-2001.12 A relief texture object authoring tool.
2001.5 Fakeplay: a desktop version of virtual music environment.
2000.5-2001.8 Anatomy based human body modeling and animation project